Field Services
Protect your investment with our expert service, because no one knows your engine like we do.

With a large inventory of dependable engines in different models, we ensure that an engine will be available whenever and wherever required. We can provide portable power with 100 - 550 HP, and the capability of boosting 1200 - 4500 GPM.

When determining a customers needs we will look at your load and control issues, which are key variables in determining or creating the appropriate irrigation engine package. Water Associates is an OEM Cummins dealer, and with our many years of experience, we help you create a complete package solution for you.

Genuine Cummins parts are the highest-quality products available for your Cummins equipment. What's more, they're the only products specifically designed, made and tested to keep your Cummins-powered equipment running at peak performance. Water Associates carries a full line of genuine Cummins products, each one designed and manufactured to exacting standards for your specific engine or generator.

Water Associates does all of their packaging and installations in-house. With our experienced welders and fabricators we are able to handle the toughest of installations and guarantee satisfaction of quality.

Cummins engines power everything from tractors and combines to sprayers and pumps. Now more than ever, there's a wider range of power available. Engines range from the 18-hp A Series up to our 660-hp QSX.

Electrical Motors
Water Associate offer a complete line of Electric Motors, panels, and parts for your irrigation needs.

Power Generators
Diesel powered generator sets remain the number-one choice for standby and emergency power systems worldwide.

Agricultural Construction
Water Associates provides and large variety of agri-construction experience. From Irrigation Installation to Air Gap Construction we've got you covered.